Do you or a relative urgently need some help to live well in your own home?

Do you live in Holt, Sheringham, Cromer, Aylsham, North Walsham and surrounding villages?

Our experienced and flexible care team are on hand to step in and help.
We can respond today to:
• Private enquiries
• Those with personal budgets and direct payments
• Referrals from Social Services

We can often set up a support package within 24-48 hours.

Call today and chat to our caring team on 01263 688000.

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As Home Care Specialists, our expert trained team can help you live well in your own home.

Personal Care: Many elderly individuals may require help with basic activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Domiciliary care provides support to ensure that these essential tasks are completed safely and with dignity.
Medication Management: Dealing with multiple medications to manage various health conditions can be overwhelming. We can assist in organising medications, ensuring that they are taken at the correct times and in the proper dosages, reducing the risk of medication errors or missed doses.

• Mobility Assistance:
As people age, they may experience decreased mobility due to conditions such as arthritis, stroke, or general frailty. We can assist with mobility aids, transfers, and exercises to help maintain or improve mobility, reducing the risk of falls and promoting independence.

• Companionship and Socialisation:
Loneliness and social isolation are common issues among the elderly, particularly for those who live alone or have limited social interactions. Our companion care service offers companionship and emotional support, engaging in conversation, playing games, or accompanying the individual on outings to promote mental well-being and stave off feelings of isolation.

• Monitoring Health and Well-being:
Regular monitoring of health indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, or weight can help identify health issues early and prevent complications. We can keep track of these vital signs, report any changes to family members or healthcare professionals, and provide essential health-related support as needed.

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