When your loved one’s are suffering from dementia, there is help at hand.

Dementia can be a very isolating illness, often leading to frustration for both the sufferer and the family carer.  Briarcare understand this and offer quality home care to support you and your loved one.

The majority of elderly people suffering with dementia will prefer to remain in their own home.

Filled with warm memories and brimming with happy nostalgia from years gone by, the home is a safe place that’s free from threats and distressing distractions. If you are looking for a high level of support without the typical restrictions of a hospital or care home, we would highly recommend choosing visiting care to support living independently at home.  Within our weekly routine we often take customers out for a walk, coffee, shopping or even socialising to help stimulation and increase the quality of life.

Supporting the person and not their condition

Our home care workers support the individual not their condition. We take time to explore their lifetime of experiences and then tailor their home care to meet their individual needs. We focus on what they can do or enjoy doing rather than what they can no longer achieve.