Personal Budgets & Direct Payments

A Personal Budget is an agreed amount of money that is allocated to you personally by your local council (and other funding streams) following an assessment of your care and support needs. This is support that you decide and control, in other words you control the money for your care and support – Personal Budget. A personal budget is a statement of the amount of money needed to meet your eligible social care needs. It allows you (or your representative) to control the financial resources for your support and the way the support is provided to you.

Managing your own personal budget

Managing your own personal budget is when you decide to take your budget as a “direct payment”. This is a cash payment that the local authority will arrange and make payments into a bank account opened by you, specifically to receive the personal budget. Most local high street banks will offer a basic current account for this purpose. It may be helpful to provide the bank with confirmation about your personal budget such as a remittance notice or letter from the local authority.  When you are given funding from the local authority you have the choice of being a direct payment client, this way you can choose your care provider and pay them directly ensuring you are in control of which company visits you rather than one chosen for you.

Briarcare can help with any questions you have about your direct payment.  Call us today to talk about your personal budget and how we can help you live independently in your own home.